Quick and Dirty Prototyping
This project allowed me to refine my skills in 'Quick and Dirty Prototyping' and ethnographic research.
This technique allowed me to rapidly try and test my ideas for improvements to the machine. Different tabs and modifications could be made in seconds which was ideal for first stage testing.

As the ticket machine is a complex screen based software I chose to use paper modelling. The frame is made of glued cardboard to hold and allow pages to be slid in and out of the frame as the user 'presses' different buttons, Post it notes represented pop up screens such as information buttons or questions. 

Ethnographic Research
For the project I considered 3 ethnographic research techniques appropriate for what we needed. This enlightened me to the tried and tested methods that exist in design research and the various ways of learning about peoples behaviour.
I really enjoyed learning how to create varying complexities of experience mapping. This was a great way of consolidation and identifying where the most improvement was needed to make the biggest impact on the user.

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