With the imminent digitisation of the NHS Ami is a pair of digital devices to helper older people make healthcare management a seamless, trouble-free experience. Supporting the Ageing population by encouraging the informal care-giving relationship, building family ties and giving confidence to everyone involved.

The development process for Ami at the ideation phased focused on how the product would achieve the goals and requirements of the user  before the physical form development. The idea behind the product was very human centred and user-driven. 3D storyboards allowed quick iterations of the product system to figure out how it might work and what the inputs and output the user needed to understand and use the product.
The 3D development of the product was a balance between friendly, companion based shapes and something that didn't look medical, intrusive or too playful. Quick modelling using foam and clay was the perfect way to visualise early form and size.
Thank You for viewing the project, I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out the accompanying app development here: 
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