My background is in Industrial design where I first learnt Human Centred Design Practice. Recently, I have been involved in developing some amazing digital experiences for mobile and web products. As a Product Manager I have very strong skills in UX design and UI design. I love to be actively involved in the entire product design process from field work to assisting build & development. 
I have been freelancing as a UX and Product Consultant in Bristol and London with some remote clients across the US and Middle East. This has allowed me to continue to pursue my own entrepreneurial ambitions building my own start-up Powza. 

I am always looking for exciting new companies to work with on a Part-Time or Contract basis. 


What drives me as a designer is finding ways of helping people, I have great empathy and emotional skills which make human centred research a key part of my design process.
I feel satisfaction from taking time to understand how people perceive and understand designed objects and experiences. Then using it creatively to identify new products or services which in turn help people have a better experience of their world.

Other Courses and Skills:
IDEO Prototyping Course
Hand Drawn Lettering Course 

updated Jan 2019
The best way to get a feel for my personality would be my instagram account. Outside of design I enjoy the outdoors where I seek vitality in Rock Climbing, Acro, Yoga and generally being outside enjoying nature.

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