Product Manager & Design Freelancer
Are you an ambitious start-up in need of a Freelance Product Manager to help launch a new product, plan your Roadmap or create an exciting future vision. Do you need help realising the needs of your users and putting that into a strategy to grow?
I specialise in small teams and start ups where I might be your first design/product hire. I am very open minded and adapt very easily to new teams. As a Product Manager I can lead teams in the design and development of new products and features, uncover new opportunities and produce high quality outcomes at all stages.
UX and UI Consultancy
Need help creating an end-to-end UX project or MVP? I can define, manage and execute a varied UX and design role with in your team. I have experience leading user research, co-creation sessions, workshops and interviews. I love to work quickly and creatively, using prototyping as a key resource to making the right decisions. 
In the past I have worked as a graphic designer, this has led to a very strong ability to quickly design high-quality product demos. I have a great natural ability in visual and interaction design and excellent knowledge of the Adobe Suite.  
Thank you!
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