Olivia Chandler

Experienced Product & UX Designer in Bristol and London. Co-Founder at Powza.

Co-Founder, Head of Product
Powza is building the future of energy. As Co-founder and Head of Product, I'm using my experience in people-focused design, creative thinking and an ambitious attitude to transform our exciting ideas into digital products that people love.
To Eleven
Human Focused Designer
Bringing a design-led and people focused approach, my role at To Eleven is to discover, design and develop awesome ideas! Working alongside technology and business experts it is my responsibility to ensure the customer needs are at the centre of everything we do.
Handstand App
Side Project
The idea for a handstand app came out of a need for a better way to track progress, time handstands and practice often. I have designed the functionality, visuals and UI across both iPhone X and Apple Watch.
Personal Project
With the imminent digitisation of the NHS Ami is a pair of digital devices to helper older people make healthcare management a seamless, trouble-free experience. Supporting the Ageing population by encouraging the informal care-giving relationship, building family ties and giving confidence to everyone involved.
Ami - Medical App design
Personal Project
With over 9000 views and 3 features of Behance the Ami App design is a visualisation of how we might help support our families as we age in a way that is familiar and relevant.
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